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The downside to multitasking is forgetting how to concentrate on one thing. This is literally the 5th blog that I have started writing, but will be the first to finish. True story.

I’ve always been in a slight limbo in regards to ‘what do you want to be when you grow up’.

When I was 6 I said I would one day study at the conservatorium of music, at 8 I wanted to be a historian (specifically an Egyptologist), I know how to sew and cook, I play several instruments, I have qualifications as a theatre technician, I like budgets, I enjoy performing, but am also a micro manager and find it hard to turn off my tech brain, I have been involved in medieval societies, know the basics of sword fighting and Aikido, speak ‘ein bisschen Deutsch’ (a little German), spend far too much time on the computer, oh, and if someone tells me I can’t do something… I shall damn well prove them wrong!

Did I mention I run a business, am married, and have a 4 month old daughter?

I love working in the arts, and working for myself, as I don’t have to choose between the things that I love to do. Every project is unique, every day is different, and I am finally finding a use for the random trivia and skills I picked up as a kid. Bottle tab chainmaille anyone? The unique aspect of every day enables me to learn something new, practice and perfect another skill.

The biggest skill I am learning right now is how to concentrate on one task and finish it, without being distracted by all the other things that need doing. I have a house that needs packing up to move, websites to update, budgets to balance, and a baby to feed.

The way to become better at anything is just to do it. I know there are many things we probably would have done differently for The Games Maestro if we had have known, 20/20 hindsight and all that. But if you never have the opportunity to learn, how will you ever know? And that’s what this project has really been about.

Often I wonder why we didn’t choose something easier to start off with – music video anyone? But I also am pleased for our ignorance. If we had known the many thousand frames of rotoscoping that lay ahead, the joys of people management, and the nightmare that is scheduling, would we have chosen to do this project?

And now that we know about it, we also know we can do it, and we did do it.

My writers block has returned in the form of a fussy baby, so I shall wrap up.

I know this hasn’t been particularly well written, or probably even that interesting, but in the spirit of The Games Maestro project I shall finish it, and have learnt something from the exercise.

Thank you to everyone for giving us the opportunity to jump out of the nest and spread our wings.

- Michelle (Co-Director, Production Manager & Production Designer)

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