Imagination and Motivation

By Cast and Crew. Posted on September 17, 2013 at 3:39 pm.
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Imagination is a pretty important thing. That’s probably not news to anyone who owns one or more brains, but it’s true. Imagination is responsible for the creation of many things including music and games, both of which inspired the GM in the first place.

I grew up with books and TV shows and video games, all of which tell a story of some kind. You read/watch/play them from start to finish, and get a fairly linear story, which is nice I guess. The first time I played Dungeons and Dragons though, I was completely overwhelmed by the whole “choice” business. The players make their own decisions and, assuming you have a good GM, their actions influence the story. The combined imaginations of everyone in the room result in a tale of sorts, which is amazing. Even if you are completely terrible at games (like me), it doesn’t matter. Tales of defeat can be just as captivating as ones of victory.

Being a GM is a completely different experience. You are responsible for creating the world for the players to go mess up, which takes a lot of planning and creativity. It’s the same sort of process for making a story in any medium, really.

But Creativity can only get you so far without a big hug from its friend, Motivation.

I’m pretty good at coming up with ideas, I have notebooks full of them. Some of them have turned into short-stories, some are in-progress scripts, but the majority never made it past the basic idea stage. This is because I am one of the least motivated people I know. Thankfully, Craig and Michelle do not have this problem: They pretty much haven’t rested since the idea spawned in the first place. I heard a rumor that they literally don’t even sleep. They were motivated by their desire to see The GM become a Thing, as well as by the sheer number of people who expressed interest in it and donated to help.

The GM started as a little idea, eventually growing up and leaving home to become a web series. On-set, lots of other ideas were discussed and thrown around, and maybe some of them will become something one day too. This is why it’s important to record all your ideas, you never know which one might take off someday. Even bad ideas can inspire good ones later. Just take a notebook and pen with you everywhere, and write stuff down whenever inspiration taps you on the shoulder.

But if you really just want to create something now but are stuck for ideas, just add two dudes who clearly want to smooch, but never get around to it for some reason. Apparently this is what the public wants. Oh, and make them vampires. In SPACE!

Are you writing this down? Get a pen!

- Hamish (Sound Wrangler)

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  1. Dan Says:

    Role-playing games have been a creative outlet for me since high school and, as I am a scientist by profession, the ability of a cooperatively created imaginary to excite me is fascinating.

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