My real life Hollywood moment

By Cast and Crew. Posted on October 30, 2013 at 12:13 pm.
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Rather than a post by someone on the inside of the GM project, this is more of a bragging session by one of the WAGs, to borrow the sports term.

It’s been very exciting seeing the GM develop from an outside point of view, with associated partner privileges. I have to admit, when Charles first auditioned for it I really had no idea how big a project it was going to be. From what I’ve read, not even Craig realised how big it was going to be! I think the best things start off like that – projects grow in size as the people involved realise they can dare to dream even bigger than when they started, and various people step forward and say, “Hey, I can help with this.”

I like a good YouTube video as much as the next person, but I never knew before just how much work would go into a web series. Yikes. You lot, and I’m addressing the cast and crew here, hats off for all the mornings you dragged yourselves off to set at the crack of dawn and worked long into the night.

I only managed to visit the set one afternoon. I felt like I’d stepped into a behind the scenes special features on the Lord of the Rings Extended Edition DVDs. Lots of cameras, computers, lights, attractive people wearing fantasy costumes with dressing gowns over the top, sipping tea between scenes, or else catching an hour’s sleep naively believing no one would draw on your face. And everyone, so tired, but never betraying it on camera. It’s a tiring price for glamour, but hey, you’re all living the lives of movie stars now – at least the tough parts. Fame and fortune will surely follow!

(I even got to help with a scene, albeit off camera. I held a weapon up so Charles could have something to yell at. I won’t say more, or spoilers. None of you will see me but I’ll know I was there.)

Congratulations on making something that takes so much time, work and dedication look so easy in the finished work.

Jennifer – (Proud Onlooker/Blog Wench)

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