One Of These Days Is Not Like The Others...

No muss, no fuss, here’s the news:

Episode 2. Tomorrow. Get around it.

So here’s the thing. I am eternally grateful for anyone who has watched our first episode, when it came out many moons ago. I so wanted to get the entire series out to the world in as little time as possible, share this entity that I’m so proud of with anyone who might be interested or entertained by it.

And then life got in the way.

It’s tough being an artist. N… Read the rest

Like A Late­-Night D&D One­Shot…

…this will be brief, but exciting. I’ve been asked to write a blog post today, which is quite fair as it’s been a while since I did one. However, this will be short, as I have very little time for quite exciting reasons. As with all my spare days lately, I’m spending all my time today working on The Games Maestro.

It’s been a long time since episode one came out, and we’ve been as fidgety as you have, wa… Read the rest

Back Seat Nerd: My Ten Years of Professional Nerd Girlfriending

Growing up, my dad lived in Queensland. When I was eleven, he moved back to Tasmania, and thus began my education. It started with the basics of D’n’D and rummaging through his Illuminati cards; with dungeon keeper II (Your dungeon is full of yoghurt) and Civilisation II (You can’t airlift a ship, silly); with Star Wars and with Terry Pratchett. I enjoyed my forays, but it wasn’t until I was about fourteen that I started to

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Something Completely Different

I had planned to make this blog about how I took part in NaNoWriMo again this year and, for the first time, finished, but yesterday I did something I think is even more impressive so I’m going to talk about that. It might not be directly related to The GM, but I’m just that maverick kind of guy who doesn’t play by the rules but gets the job done.*

I finally passed my driving test.

I’ve never been particularly in… Read the rest

How being a producer/ production manager is kind of like being a games master.

Subtitle: Playing D&D is great professional development.

Well, this is my impression, as I have never been a GM. Though I have played D&D, and helped Craig plan a campaign, so – credentials!

*awkward silence*

Firstly let’s establish some context, when it comes to ‘shoe string’ productions the expectations for Producer and Production Manager are subject to the needs of the situation, and may (do) vary from tr

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Drawing dungeons from floorplans

Hello! I’m the animator for The GM, Rex!
I don’t actually play DnD, but many of my friends plan out crazy adventures and dangerous dungeons for others to explore- and one recurring tool I’ve seen DM’s use is a dungeon floor plan. It usually looks something like this-
Drawn on graph paper (usually a little neater than this) with every last line needing an explanation or detailed key. I’m going to wa… Read the rest

Opening Night

Some time ago now, we finally released the first episode of The Games Maestro, and as is appropriate on such occasions, we had a nice little screening party for it. We invited people, we had a comedian as our excellent MC, we had filk songs from Craig and Matt, and we all finally got to see the episode (including those of us who were in it, and I don’t mind telling you we were more than a little nervous. I was, anyway. I’m sure … Read the rest

My real life Hollywood moment

Rather than a post by someone on the inside of the GM project, this is more of a bragging session by one of the WAGs, to borrow the sports term.

It’s been very exciting seeing the GM develop from an outside point of view, with associated partner privileges. I have to admit, when Charles first auditioned for it I really had no idea how big a project it was going to be. From what I’ve read, not even Craig realised how big it was going to be… Read the rest


I have a handful of stories that begin with “I was there when that started”, but perhaps none which will have such a long legacy as this one. On a sunny day in Salamanca I met with Craig M. Wood to discuss the potential for future creative projects which would be both fun and challenging to make, which could be potentially profitable to allow us to continue creating, and by extension would allow us to create more and offer … Read the rest

Imagination and Motivation

Imagination is a pretty important thing. That’s probably not news to anyone who owns one or more brains, but it’s true. Imagination is responsible for the creation of many things including music and games, both of which inspired the GM in the first place.

I grew up with books and TV shows and video games, all of which tell a story of some kind. You read/watch/play them from start to finish, and get a fairly linear story, … Read the rest