Cast & Crew

The Cast!

Craig M Wood – The GM

Writer and Composer of The Games Maestro

craigCraig has always dreamed of being a LEGO nerd, something he has yet to achieve. A fan of fantasy and science fiction films, a lover of card games and a relatively new convert to Dungeons and Dragons, he gets excited by the creativity and ingenuity involved in geek culture. He finds inspiration in the writings of Terry Pratchett, secretly adores superhero movies and plays Action RPGs whenever he has the chance. He also writes musical theatre.

Anna Kidd – Felicity/Cleric

annaWhen she was a kid, Anna was not allowed to touch her brother’s computer or Playstation and was only allowed to sit quietly next to her brother for hours as she watched him play Prince of Persia and Abe’s Oddessy. He also read Discworld and was interested in Sci Fi and everything technological and cool and to do with space. Anna wasn’t allowed to be interested in these things until the age of 25 when her brother loosened up and let her watch Red Dwarf. Anna is finally living her dream and gets to explore her geeky side. She HAS watched every episode of Futurama from back to back but that’s a cartoon so maybe it’s too cool? She does theatre things. I mean, that’s geeky but probably in a different way. She also has to take Vitamin D supplements because she doesn’t spend enough time in the sunlight.

Matthew Dobson – Gareth/Rogue

mattMatthew grew up inundated with all forms of science fiction and fantasy, and discovered tabletop roleplaying as a teenager. From the first time he used Ignite Fire to spontaneously combust an NPC’s hair, he was hooked. He has played in and run games of GURPS, D&D and some minor roleplaying systems, and longs for a world in which Gordon Freeman is Batman. Matthew has a study full of fantasy novels and action figures, and a workshop full of Nerf guns. He also plays guitar and sings a bit.

Aaron Benham – Jeffery/Paladin

aaronAaron grew up in the care of a mother obsessed with fantastical literature. He therefore spent much of his time in other universes, notably Middle Earth and Aloria. As he emerged into teenage-hood, he discovered the planar landscape of Magic, The Gathering, and quickly took up residence as a Hobartian wizard. In his spare time, he can often be found creating mansions and defeating monsters in minecraft. Aaron has studied theatre throughout high school and college. Highlights include the lead role of Ren in the Friends’ production of ‘Footloose: The Musical’ and performing as the lead singer in the Friends’ battle of the bands winning group, “Freefall”.

Charles Spiegel – David/Wizard

charlesCharles has been a gamer since being introduced to GURPS at age 16-ish, and since then he has played a wide variety of systems, and even run a few games himself (badly). He has an undeserved reputation for his characters always being ridiculously evil. He acts in things as often as possible.

LEGO GM – Stunt Double and Understudy

lego-gmOn days when the IRL GM is busy with hair appointments, grocery shopping or joining the dots, LEGO GM steps up to the plate. Consummate professional, martial arts expert and hobbyist rally car driver, he is the man you always want watching your back. LEGO GM has dabbled in D&D in his time, often finding himself in deadly hand-to-hand battles with goblin miniatures. He once bought himself a LEGO Millennium Falcon and flew it into the drive-through at McDonalds. He bought a cheeseburger and fries with extra salt. He has no idea what Vista is.

The Crew!!

Michelle Wood

Co-Director, Production Manager & Production Designer

michelleSince being invited to a friends’ older brothers’ “Outbreak of Nerdity” Michelle has been an occasional Gamer. With a little too much knowledge to be a Penny, but not quite enough to be a full on geek she enjoys having a foot in the door. A recent convert to the Discworld novels she treasures the gems of nerdism and ridiculous vocabularies that shape her world. Michelle also has studied theatre production. She enjoys production management. Her special place is working in Excel.

Justin ‘Pyrate’ O’Newton

Co-Director, Director of Photography

justinJustin discovered a love of pyrates and LEGO simultaneously as a child, and is now a fully-fledged purist AFOL with brick management issues. An occasional tabletop gamer who loves classical novels and who in his adulthood has found that he finds the videogame industry more interesting than the games themselves. Justin is a freelance video editor by trade and has recently returned to acting on stage.


Directors:Justin Smith
Craig M. Wood
Michelle Wood
Screenplay, Music and Lyrics by – Craig M. Wood
Produced by CMW Music

The GM – Craig M. Wood
Jeffery/Paladin – Aaron Benham
Felicity/Cleric – Anna Kidd
Gareth/Rogue – Matthew Dobson
David/Wizard – Charles Spiegel

DOP – Justin Smith
Musical Director – Craig M. Wood
Editing, Compositing and Colour – Justin Smith
Make-up Design – Maeve MacGregor
Costume Design – Michelle Wood
Sound Editor – Michelle Wood
Casting by – Craig M. Wood, Justin Smith & Zachary Lennon

Production Manager – Michelle Wood

Clapper/Loaders – Petrina Meskell, Nicholas King, Anna Cushion, Richard Thompson, Jean Coral, Nathan Lindner

Script Supervisor – Michelle Wood
Continuity – Matthew Dobson, Anna Cushion, Nicholas Wittison

Art Director – Petra Lagewaard
Set Decorator – Matthew Dobson
Prop Master – Matthew Dobson
Prop Makers: Philedelphia Hanson-Viney, J.R., Susan Meijers, Michelle Wood, Matthew Dobson
Additional props provided by Area 52: Popular Culture Company, and Mark W.

Stills Photographer – Michelle Wood
Storyboard Artist – Justin Smith

Tailors – Michelle Wood, Carole Benham
Costume Assistants: Carole Benham, Susan Meijers
Additional Costume provided by Cary and Marjorie Lenehan, and Ross Campbell

Key hair and makeup – Maeve MacGregor
Make up assistant – Petra Lagewaard

Sound Boom Operator – Hamish McIntyre, Nicholas King, William Kemp, Nicholas Wittison, Peter Thompson, Nathan Lindner

Grips – Richard Thompson, William Kemp, Nathan Lindner, Joshua Cure
Assistant Grips – Nicholas King, Maeve MacGregor

Location Management – CMW Music
Blocking – Craig M. Wood and Justin Smith

Set Manager – Michelle Wood
Set Runners – Hamish McIntyre, Joshua Cure, William Kemp, Anna Cushion, Thomas Karpiniec, Alexander Thompson, Harisson Newman,

Fight choreographer – Craig M. Wood
Additional Fight Consulting – Justin Smith

Catering – Carole and James Benham, Melanie and Peter Thompson, Michelle Wood


Assistant Editor – Richard Thompson

3D Artist – Ross Campbell
Rotoscoping Artists – Aaron Benham, Ross Campbell, Anna Cushion, Matthew Dobson, Nicholas King, Richard Thompson, Nicholas Wittison, Craig M. Wood, Michelle Wood

Foley Artists and recording – Laura Bishop, Craig M. Wood, Michelle Wood

Mixed At – CMW Music
Michelle Wood
Audio Advice provided by Tony Sayer of Megatone Productions


Music Orchestrated by – Craig M. Wood

Piano/Synth – Craig M. Wood
Violin – Rebekah van Emmerick, Thomas Karpiniec
Viola – Dominic Mackie-Cahill
Trumpet – Courtney Oxenford, Justin Williams
French Horn – Ross Campbell

Music Recorded at CMW Music
Recording Engineers – Michelle Wood and Craig M. Wood

Original Score Published by CMW Music

Website Design – Nicholas King of Lemon Pie Design
Graphic Design – Nicholas King of Lemon Pie Design, Michelle Wood
Logo Design – Petra Lagewaard

Audio equipment provided by Tony Sayer @ Megatone Productions
Camera and lenses provided by Richard Williams
Grip equipment and post production facilities provided by
Additional Grip equipment and lights provided by Rob Reibel

With thanks to: Bruce of Davtech Automotive, Annie Benham, The Benham Family, The Thompson Family, Mark W, Cary and Marjorie Lenehan,

Filmed on location in West Hobart and Sandfly, Tasmania

Area 52: Popular Culture Company
Davtech Automotive

Made with the support of and all our Pozible backers